Top 3 reasons why going to boulder gym is better than prom

Prom sucked, here's why the Circuit is better.

Top 3 reasons why going to boulder gym is better than prom

Prom was a little bit of a disaster. That’s why WBN members, TJ Hagen, and Oliver Hardt, chose to go to the Circuit bouldering gym in Tigard.


Reason #1: The Cost


Prom tickets this year cost 40 dollars for the early bird price but after a certain deadline, the price rose to 50 dollars a ticket. On top of the ticket, there is dinner, the clothes, corsage/boutonniere, and your ride (optional). This price is pretty outrageous since we already have low expectations for prom and don’t believe the high price is going to be worth the dance. Alternatively, a day pass to the Circuit gym plus rental of shoes for students is 19 dollars. This is a profoundly cheaper price for a greater experience.


Reason #2: A Good Workout


Prom this year was a snoozefest. The lack of lit songs meant very little activity on the dance floor. In fact, I left 30 minutes in. While the song request form was a thing this year, the DJ managed not to play any of the ones that were anticipated this year. With not enough hype, very little jumping and sweating were done at prom 2019. Alternatively, the Circuit is a full-on workout. You likely won’t manage more than two or three hours of active climbing at the gym. Your hands will get raw and your muscles will get toned. This is one of the top reasons why the Circuit is a better choice.


Reason #3: More memorable

The Circuit in Tigard is an amazing time. Senior/junior year and you’re getting fit and feeling satisfied by improving yourself. While at prom, you spend more money than is imaginable while you can spend a mere 20 dollars for an infinitely more enjoyable experience climbing some routes. In the future, what are you going to remember? A poor experience at a dance that nothing special happened at, or getting buff and improving your climbing skills at the gym? Overall, the gym is better than prom.