Blood drive


Melody Garcia Gonzalez

Poster that promotes the Blood Drive at Wilsonville High School. Blood donations go to the Red Cross.

Wilsonville High School partnered with the Red Cross to organize a blood drive where students and teachers could both participate. Students who are 15 years of age or older as well as staff were encouraged to donate. Students who were of 16 years of age were required to obtain a permission slip for their parents to sign in order for them to be able to donate. The blood drive was held in the auxiliary gym where Ms. Anderson’s class and other volunteers helped the day run smoothly.

Students would check in and were provided some reading that would established some understanding on what it is they were doing and why. They would then wait to be called by one of the Red Cross staff who would check the student’s blood pressure and iron levels to make sure that they were eligible to donate. If the student was able to donate they would then answer some questions about their medical history or they would’ve completed this questionnaire using Rapid Pass before the donation. The questionnaire makes sure that the student’s blood can be donated. If the student passes these two checkpoints than they move on to the next part; the blood donation.

During blood donations, student volunteers helped donors feel comfortable by offering snacks, water, or a blanket. They would also just talked to students as their blood was getting drawn to make sure that they were doing fine. The Red Cross staff were friendly and tried to comfort nervous students with a conversation or a joke. Afterwards, students were recommended to rest for 15 minutes or more and enjoy a beverage and some snacks. 

Wilsonville High School will most likely host another blood drive in the Fall of 2019, so if you wanted to donate for the first time or again, this will be your opportunity.