M.E.Ch.A. 2019 election


Melody Garcia Gonzalez

MEChA posters that depicts the new positions and who holds them. These people will make up the board for MEChA in the 2019-2020 school year.

MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) is an organization the empowers and uplifts Latinx and Hispanic culture. Wilsonville High School has it’s very own chapter of MEChA that meets every Thursday during lunch in Mr. Ryan’s room. This week MEChA meeting was an eventful one because it was one that is going to affect the next year of MEChA: elections. The seats of President, Vice-President, and Social Media coordinators were up for grabs. All of the nominees gave a speech before MEChA members cast their ballots with who they wanted on next year’s MEChA’s administration.


Elections included  Presidential nominees Ashley Martinez-Lucas and Gabi DeLeon; Vice President nominee Etni Ruiz; and Social Media Coordinators Miguel Tejeda and Fernanda Oropeza. The winners include are Ashley for president, Etnie for vice-president, and Miguel & Fernanda for social media coordinators.


We spoke to next year’s MEChA president; Ashley Martinez-Lucas, to discuss her feelings after the election and plans for next year.


Q: How do you feel after this victory?

A: It’s an honor to have been elected, I’m very proud of myself. That act helps me be a better person and aspire to be a great president.


Q:  What plans do you have for the future of MEChA?

A: Well, I want to get more people involved. I also want more of the community to know who and what MEChA is. I want the members to feel like they’re not alone and can rely on other members.


Q: How do you plan to make your ideas come true?

A: I’m going to make sure the events mean something to people and make it so that it’s an event that they don’t forget.


Q: Any other words for future and current MEChA members?

A: Don’t feel ashamed of who you are and be proud of your culture and heritage.