The controversy over Tiger Woods’ Masters title


This past Sunday, April 14th, Tiger Woods won the Masters after a fourteen year break. Many praised his ability to return and dominate in golf, especially after the many injuries and hardships he faced over those fourteen years. However, many others are wondering if he deserved this title and award, especially after the many controversies he’s been through.

There are five moments where Tiger Woods’ career went wrong. First of all, he made a bad call in deciding to play to win the US Open because he ended up causing more issues and injuries to his tibia and knee. Next, it was uncovered that Woods was having an affair, which caused some wreckage to his credibility. The same week this news arose, Woods ended up crashing his Cadillac which rose to headlines in many forms of media, costing him many partnerships with a plethora of companies. He got arrested for a DUI, had more allegations of affairs, and his injuries snowballed as his career tumbled.

In the end, Tiger Woods slowly regained some notable positions, and all led up to his win this past week at the Masters. In spite of this, many people have begun to question if he truly deserved it due to his controversial past. Regardless, Woods holds this year’s title at the Masters event, and the green blazer rests upon his shoulders.