Econ scandal

There is only one class of AP Economics this year compared to the three classes last year.  Last year it was Microeconomics and this year it is Macroeconomics. As the days count down to the AP exam date students wrap up the final units and start the study grind.  This year the teacher has gotten a lot of the work from famous Economist and tutor, Jacob Clifford. He makes all these videos over the units of the course that help students understand the material better.  He also makes work packets that go along with the videos for practice. The packets cost seven dollars each and they come with a code to the videos. So the econ teacher this year has decided to buy a packet and copy them for the class for review for the exam.  The thing is that the teacher is making each student pay Jacob Clifford seven dollars and having the students show the teacher the receipt and once that is done the teacher will enter in points as if it were a homework assignment. The teacher is making the students pay for a grade basically.  Yes, the teacher’s intentions were good, but the principle of how she is doing it is way out of line and not at all appropriate for students who go to a public school. A teacher cannot make a student pay for anything and punish them in the grade book for it.