Fashion Spotlight: Honour Colby

The stylish senior Honour Colby not only has an interest in the visual arts, but the art of fashion.


Coltin Hill

Senior Honour Colby in one of many of her cute, edgy outfits. Photo taken and edited by senior Coltin Hill.

Whether it be serving looks in her daring attire or putting together an experimental ensemble, the artistic Honour Colby always manages to find something avant-garde and original. This senior fashion spotlight is certainly deserving of the acknowledgment.

Colby is gifted in the visual arts and has a very innovative approach to creating her daily outfits. Drawing from numerous inspiration, she derives aspects of these influences and fashions a distinct look of her own. Here Colby delves into her preferred styles and go-to places to find clothing and accessories.  

Needless to say, Colby is quite notable for her ingenious style. Coltin Hill, a good friend of Colby’s, commented, “I think what I admire most about Honour’s style is how, I guess, unique it is, because she kind of takes a look, and makes that her own. And it is more individual, she chooses to incorporate pieces like jewelry or accessories or shoes that I feel make an outfit much more stylistic.”

Colby expressed that though she has no specific idols, she admires singer and songwriter SZA, who is recognized for her undeniable fashion intuition. Colby does not necessarily mimic a style completely. She takes inspiration, and comes up with outfits in the morning, depending on how she feels that day. She gravitates towards ensembles that are comfortable yet explorative.

“I would describe my style as a comfortable statement,” Colby reflected on her individual look, “But mostly, I see one thing I like and take it for myself.”

In regard to Colby’s approach to shopping, she typically finds versatile articles of clothing that she can wear with anything she desires. Her preferred stores for that search are the Doc Martens store, Buffalo Exchange Thrift, and Nordstrom Rack. She emphasized that she has an affinity for buying nice brands like Levi’s second hand. Her favorite kind of clothing are button-ups and linen shirts, but she has a few essentials that she matches with more unique thrift pieces.

“My staple items would be my Docs, Air Forces, and some loose baggy jeans. I like baggy jeans because they have the range and motion of sweatpants, but with style,” Colby revealed.

The day of the interview, Colby put together a cohesive, polished, and edgy outfit. She wore light-washed and high waisted Levi shorts from Goodwill. Along with that, she selected a simple black belt also from the popular thrift shop. On top of a black crop top, she chose a dark leather jacket she purchased two Thanksgivings ago from the Goodwill. As for jewelry, she wore these hoop earrings that she made with the guidance of her friend. For a finishing touch, she added a one of a kind silver necklace she got in Santorini, Greece during her trip to Europe a few years prior.  To complete with the outfit, she paired the outfit with none other than her signature Doc Martens.

Senior Samantha Wettstein reviewed Colby’s style, “I am very envious of Honour’s ability to make many different outfits of the same pieces of clothing, because I have very basic things, and she can just bring her outfits to the next level.”

Along with fashion, Colby has many interests in the art sphere. She dabbles in painting and sculpture. However, she plans to pursue architectural design. All the while being involved in these different interests, her artistry stands out in her capability to put together such original outfits on the daily. The fashion-forward Honour Colby has no doubt made a memorable impact on the creative vibe of Wilsonville High School.