Wilsonville choir is off to state!

Wilsonville High School’s choir is rounding their last corner before they head off to state next Tuesday, April 30th. Throughout this year, both the students of the choir and Ms. Kubitschek have been working non-stop to sound the best they possibly can. Both students interviewed, a sophomore and a senior, agree that the year has gone pretty well for the choir.

Bella Glastra Van Loon, a sophomore here at Wilsonville, is most elated to be performing their song Rytmus because of its passion and excitement. However, Glastra Van Loon is still nervous to be performing with such high stakes. She pays high tribute to Ms. Kubitschek for her aid in the prepping process and her perseverance.

Similarly, junior Elle Berry enjoys the faster and more intense songs because they’re more entertaining to sing, whereas the slower and classical songs are on the difficult side since there are many more things that the judges can critique. “For choir, there are always little things that can be tweaked,” Berry admits, “and it’s especially hard because judging is so subjective, but we’re doing the best we can!!” Berry is also anxious to see how their performance goes, but she’s keeping her hopes high.

Once again, Wilsonville High School’s choir is traveling to state next week on Tuesday, April 30th. Congratulations to the choir, and good luck!