Endgame Review

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Before you keep reading this go watch Avengers: Endgame.  This was probably the best movie in the last decade. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done something no other has.  And they ended it in the most perfect way that they could. They did a really good job at connecting every single movie in the last 10 years for one single movie.  The actors and actresses for each role were perfect and played the character amazingly.

The storyline of the movie was fantastic.  From the introduction of every character in the MCU to the legendary battle scene.  They just did it right. This movie wasn’t like every time travel movie too. Marvel kind of changed time travel and it made it more interesting for the viewers because it was new.  

Lastly, the ending.  Throughout the whole movie it was a emotional rollercoaster.  Captain America finally able to use Thor’s hammer definitely excited every single person in the theater.  The death of Black Widow was a little bit of a surprise to most people and it hit the heart some. Nothing tops the death of Tony Stark though.  This one affected everyone, yet it was perfect. Someone big had to die and it had to be Iron Man. He started it and he had to finish it. Marvel did an amazing job making it to where his death was sad, but almost necessary and a little good because of what he has done throughout the last 10 years.