Symphonic Choir Competes at Choir State


 After Wilsonville’s Symphonic choir took first at their choir regional competition, they had the opportunity to go to State to compete against 11 other schools from around the state of Oregon. In order to qualify, a school’s choir would have to either place at a league competition, or place at a choir festival. Choir state held on April 30th at Oregon State University.

At the state competition, the different schools got to watch each other perform, and then Wilsonville went to warm up. First, they had to run through parts of their set in order to prepare for when they would perform in front of judges. They got to perform for judges who would score their set of songs they sang. Choirs are scored on their pitch, tone, musicality, and their overall ability to sing as an ensemble. After they were done singing for judges, they went and performed 4 different exercises in sight reading, which would also be scored.

“The day overall was amazing! We went to a park close by for lunch, and got to unwind before we actually competed.”

— Katie Walter

Students from WIlsonville did not get to compete until around six in the afternoon, so there was a lot of waiting and anticipating up until the competed. Sophomore Cormac Lister said, “The day was pretty long, as it was a pretty far drive from Wilsonville to OSU, but we were all together so it was fun!”

 Overall, the choir placed high out of all the schools present! They placed first in Sight Reading, and fourth in the overall competition!