Have you seen She Kills Monsters yet?


Picture provided by Mikayla Ochocki

Pictured above is Kate Hedgepeth (left) and Mikaela Ochocki (right). Both girls play vampire cheerleaders who bully Tilly in the game and in real life; both are extremely comical in their acting.

In case you haven’t heard, Wilsonville’s spring show She Kills Monsters opened last night. This show is insanely adventurous, and it surpasses many of the audience’s expectations.

The storyline follows a teenage girl named Agnes in her quest to understand her late younger sister, Tilly. Tilly had passed away from a car accident and the only true piece of herself that she left behind was a diary disguised as a Dungeons & Dragons game. Agnes secretly seeks out the help of freshman Chuck, a Dungeon Master.

While she goes about this quest, Agnes discovers many new things about her sister that she wasn’t aware of when Tilly was alive, causing her to realize how often she took Tilly for granted. Throughout the story, she faces many obstacles including dangerous monsters, jealous boyfriends, bullying teenagers, and even the truth about her younger sister.

Agnes is played by senior Abi Edwards, and this character has been her favorite so far. Edwards does a beautiful job in constructing the personality of the high school teenage cheerleader onstage. “My goal for the show is to continue to work on presenting Agnes in a relatable way to help to convey the message of the story surrounding understanding those who are different from us,” Edwards reflects. According to Edwards, the opening night went wonderfully, and the audience even had a great attitude and energy.

In turn, senior Nate Rasmussen played Miles, the boyfriend of Agnes. Rasmussen does a fantastic job of depicting not only a jock but also a concerned and confused boyfriend that just wants to be aware of what is going on. “Miles is a really simple character,” Rasmussen admits, “but I think his shallowness makes it hard as an actor to really get into the character. I think throughout the show he’s on a journey to understand and be understood.” Rasmussen confesses that Miles has been one of the harder characters that he’s played, and even so, the character was well portrayed.

If you haven’t yet, you should go see and enjoy the spring showcase of She Kills Monsters. It is a story of monsters, magic, self-discovery, and understanding others. It also has a profuse amount of humor that leaves the audience chuckling. Overall it is a fantastic show and highly recommended for anyone looking for a good time.