New dance team


Dancers and one of the coaches in the beginning of preforming tryout routine.

The dance team last years was one of the best years to be on the team, as for last year the dancers became so close and became sisters. They were always there for one another and always willing to help out rather it be helping with counts or tutoring each other with a subject in school. The dancers on the dance team are always very close to one another thanks to the amazing coaches. The coaches help them see how important team bonding is with one another and that they are more than just a dance team, They are a family through thick and thin. As the season came to an end last year they lost some very inspirational seniors, but they taught all of the dancers how important it is to love and care for one another even in the hardest times. They taught the team many things just by doing what they do best, being kind hearted people. While they team may have lost them they also gained five new hardworking individuals. There is a new journey ahead of the team that awaits and a new family to be formed in the coming year. In which new life lessons will be taught and new responsibilities will be gained as each dancer moves up towards the finish line.