Boys basketball ring ceremony

To honor their championship season, the players and coaches received their rings.


GM Artman

Shown is the ring for winning the 5A title

On Thursday, May 23, the Boys Basketball team had their final event for the 2018-2019 championship season as the players and coaches received their championship rings. The festivities took place in the high school and friends and family were invited to attend. This was the first time the players had seen the rings, and they were very approving.

The event opened with the players getting their bags of clothes and other rewards for their fundraising efforts during the season. Then, the event shifted towards the rings with the five seniors to be the first to get them.

The seniors all opened the boxes at the same time and witnessed them for the first time. For the rest of the people due to receive rings, one person introduced the other who got their ring.

Finally, many pictures were taken with the rings on as they serve as the last memory of the championship season polished off with the win over Churchill.