The new wave: Tik Tok


TikTok-er Kyle Marshall uses a popular TikTok sound.

Heading into the new school year the very controversial app Tik Tok has made big moves on the social media playing field. Many people have clung onto Tik Tok following the end of the app Vine. Vine was a social media platform where users posted 6 second funny videos. Tik Tok however has changed Vine’s idea by making videos 15 seconds rather than six. 

When asked what attracts them to Tik Tok, senior Kyle Marshall said, “I like the ability to express myself and not be afraid of what others think of me.” Freshman Addy Terry enjoys Tik Tok for the “entertainment” and “the ability to make people laugh”.

I asked Kyle and Addy their opinion on if Tik Tok will be a suitable replacement for Vine in the future. Their thoughts varied; Kyle believed that Tik Tok would be a suitable replacement if they keep up with how they are currently are running the app. Addy had a differing belief stating, “I think Tik Tok wants to be Vine but it will never will be as good as Vine but it’s close.” 

It will be interesting to see during the year if Tik Tok will still be relevant as it will not only face the uphill battle of rising to the ranks of Vine, but it will also take on the test of time.

Click here for Senior Kyle Marshall’s TikTok