Opinions on forecasting?


Meghann Yochim

Pictured above is senior Ally Finkbeiner, who was surprised to see the "SEE COUNSELOR" on her schedule this summer.

Almost all of Wilsonville High School’s students look forward to the day when new schedules are released. The feeling is still bittersweet, because while we do get to start a new chapter, this email is also an indication that summer is close to being over and done with. While most of us are sad to see the summertime go, being able to get back in touch with other people is an exciting prospect.

Although, this year, when students received the classic email detailing their schedules, many had “SEE COUNSELOR” written in block letters on their schedules. The school was filled with long lines soon after, filled by those who wished to complete their schedules and find out what exactly had happened to the classes they had signed up for.

Emilia Bishop, entering her third year here at Wilsonville, mentioned that she was “pretty happy and content” with her schedule this year, especially since she ended up enrolled in many of the classes she had hoped to be a part of. While she is a little bit skeptical of how to deal with missing her classes in the afternoons for sports, she is still excited for her courses this school year.

However, after speaking with senior Ally Finkbeiner, others may not have been so content. “This year I really wanted to participate in AP World History,” Finkbeiner states, “but since I also have AP Literature, it didn’t work out, because both classes are only offered third period.” Finkbeiner explained that yes, she was disappointed, but she also understands that it’s difficult to plan all classes out so they work out for everyone.

This year, many people couldn’t participate in all of the classes they forecasted for, which left them saddened. While many may disagree, the counselors did their best to make all of the classes work together. In the end, students are enrolled in most of the classes they forecasted for, which seems to be the best outcome as of late.