Summer jobs

Many students work at fast food chains. 
Courtesy of: Trip Advisor

Many students work at fast food chains. Courtesy of: Trip Advisor

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Summer is a time where kids get the freedom from school to relieve their stress. You don’t have to worry about homework or Friday exams. While you do get more time to hang out with your friends all day every day, they’re other responsibilities you have to uphold. Once you get older many teenagers have to get summer jobs to earn extra cash. Many high school teenagers work at local fast food places. While others work at golf courses or work in a family business. Yes, it’s not on everyone’s summer bucket list, but it’s a responsibility that you have to take on. I interviewed some senior Wilsonville High School students that had a summer job.

Kiley Kaiser a senior at WHS worked at her family business, Kohl Creek Golf Course. Her job was to work in the pro-shop as well as helped her mom host weddings and events. Every Saturday, she was working hard setting up tables and decorating for each special weddings. “ It was a great experience with meeting new people and it was easy cash. I worked for about 6 hours for each wedding and an extra 9 maintaining the golf course.” While Kiley was working hard in the sunny weather, Courtney was inside at the local Peachy Berry. Her job was to fill up the ice cream machines, make tea drinks, and make crepes. She mentioned it was an easy job but not enjoyable. “ I thought the job was extremely boring but it was a good experience and I made money out of it.” Courtney averaged around 32 hours a week. An unusual job that I encountered was Abby Forsterer. She was a marketing assistant at Owen Jones. Her job was to find lists of employees that her company could work with. If the job titles matched, she would put them into the data table after. “ I worked around 15 hours a week and it was the perfect amount.” She expressed that the job was easy but time-consuming.

These are just a few examples of 2019 summer jobs. The experience of having to commit to something for a couple of hours each day is a great learning experience. It’s something you have to take on when growing up. Although these might not be the students’ ideal career paths, it’s a great experience.