Meeting of worldly friends

Wilsonville High School is one of many schools that host international students for the year. This year four students are sharing your classrooms with you. Let’s meet them.

Yebin Ji, from Yeaoju, Gyeonggido South Korea. Her favorite thing about Wilsonville High School is weight training.  The largest difference between Wilsonville and her school in Korea is that they have seven classes everyday not just six. She plans to participate in tennis and swim. She describes herself as vigorous and outgoing. She is very excited to get to meet her fellow wildcats

Anna Marciniak is from Poland, she enjoys the fact that at Wilsonville there is a larger choice of classes to take and she gets to make the choice, though the size of Wilsonville is much larger. She is excited to travel and join drama club.

Francesca Melandri, lives close to the coast of Vienna, Italy. Her nickname in Frenchy, she like how friendly and funny people at the school are. A big difference in the schools are the changing of classes and how big Wilsonville is. She is excited for football games and making new friends, she is funny and friendly. She enjoys riding horses, snowboarding and the each, along with pizza. She plans to play basketball.

Karel (sounds like Carl) Monfils, hails from Friesland Netherlands. . He enjoys the people in the school and his favorite class is Ap Chemistry. A large difference in the inclusion within the grades in classes. He is excited for the after school life and sports. he plans to play Baseball, Golf, and Basketball. He likes to tell jokes, sleep, and work at a farm back home.