Best lunch fast food restaurants

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At Wilsonville High School, we only get 30 minutes for lunch. In that time frame the upperclassmen have to rush out to get to their car, go to the food place of their choice, and get back in time before the bell rings. Lunch time to get away from the academic part of school and revive ourselves. I interviewed two students at WVHS to get their opinion on what their favorite fast-food restaurant is.

Stephanie Bashoury a senior at Wilsonville High School responded right away saying that her favorite fast food place is Chipotle. “I love Chipotle because I can get a full kids meal that satisfies me and it’s not too expensive.” Chipotle is a very popular choice for students because their food is to die for and you get to pick all the toppings for your desire. Cole Terry who is also a senior at WVHS decided his favorite fast-food restaurant is Costco. “Costco is great because it’s cheap and quick. You can get a slice of pizza for only $1.99.” That’s a price where no other place can beat. Not to mention their food is AMAZING and can fill you up quickly.

These are just two options out of many fast food restaurants Wilsonville provides. We are very lucky to have so many different food varieties, so everyone gets something that they enjoy!