SAT prep course

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For all the Juniors and Seniors out there: SAT prep classes are open for admittance. If a student struggled on the PSAT or didn’t do well their first time taking the SAT, it might be a good idea to consider taking an SAT prep-course. The class meets every Sunday from 5-6 pm for English, and 6:05-7:05 pm for Math during the weeks of September 8- October 30. Both fall and springtime courses are available for students.

The Math portion of the course is taught by Mr. Fowler and primarily focuses on reviewing the Math that students might see, and also teaches the students how to take the SAT. The types of Math students can expect to see is Algebra and a little bit of Trigonometry according to Fowler. With the prep course, these topics will be reviewed as well as test-taking strategies. A big part of the SAT prep class is learning test-taking strategies to help in case a student doesn’t know the answer. According to Fowler, “If you get stuck, there are certain techniques you can use to increase your chances of getting it right.”. THis will prepare students for the SAT and for test taking in general. Math is only half of the class options, Wilsonville also offers an English SAT prep course.

The English SAT prep course is taught by Ms. Hanlon and helps students with how to read and annotate the English section. Ms. Hanlon tells us that the class involves, “a lot of reading.”. This is important because fast and accurate reading will help students finish within the time limit. She also teaches how to annotate and understand the different kinds of sections, this will help when answering the questions on the SAT.

These courses can be taken together or there is the option to sign up for one and not the other if the student feels they don’t need to take both. SAT prep books are included in the cost and will help the students independently study for the SAT as well as going over it in class. These classes will help improve SAT scores and it is highly recommended for students who aren’t confident taking/retaking the test. If a student feels this way, this is a perfect opportunity to learn and become a better test-taker.