Wildcats say aloha to the football season


GM Artman

Wildcats go head-to-head Crater for their first game of the season.

We have just completed the second week of the new school year, and this past Friday we turned on the Friday night lights to watch our football team’s first game against Crater. Since there are only three home games this year, the student section was packed with freshmen-seniors in support of our team.

Unfortunately, Wilsonville lost 0-40 to Crater, but the crowd continued to cheer on the Wildcats and enjoy the feeling of being back in the stands once more. The theme was Hawaiian-out, and all students were decked out in their best Hawaiian gear to demonstrate their spirit.

Seniors Bella Kleiner and Abby Forester were the student leaders of the cheers—with help from the cheerleaders, of course—and they kept the crowd riled up all night. I spoke with Kleiner the day of the big event, and she explained her expectations and worries going into the evening. “I’m expecting that a lot of the freshmen will know what to do,” states Kleiner, “and I’m hoping that our grade [seniors] comes together since this is our last year and there are only three home games.” Kleiner had a blast cheering our team on and being able to help the student section stay loud and proud.

Although our team did not finish on top by the end of the game, the students will continue to cheer on and support them, and there’s always hope for the next home game.