Back to school dance


       This Friday after our first football game we had our annual back to school dance. As per usual, it was mostly filled with underclassmen had a “good amount of upperclassmen” from what’s been said about it. Like the football game, the theme was “Tropical”. The dance was held in the schools auxiliary gym, which was somewhat of a let down for some, considering how heated it gets in there, literally, when so many people are there. However, everyone still had a good time. I spoke with Sophomore Ellie McDonald about the dance which she said was “a lot of fun, and it was nice to see all of the grades coming together and having a great time”. The array of music at the dance seemed to be an odd one, being that the majority of the songs played were considered “TikTok songs” but of course everyone had fun even though it was also “kind of weird” according to Ellie. 

        At the end of it all. It was a good opportunity for students at Wilsonville to not only come together but to enjoy themselves and the time with their friends. Which for some, will end soon, as seniors get ready to head off to college and the real world and such, so enjoy these moments with your friends, but not because they’ll end someday but because they’re happening now.