Freshman/new students first impression of block days


Do you really know how complicated your school schedule is? Take it from me. Being new here it is honestly really confusing in the beginning so I thought lets ask Freshman just how crazy it was and how they would describe their first day. I talked to about 7 students and asked them to provide me with 1 word or sentence on how they felt and here are their responses. They all said, “new, long, exciting, interesting, fun and different, very long but helped if we needed extra help…”. In my opinion they got it correct and got every word that came to my mind as well. I also talked to a few new students. They had a lot more to say because they were high school students already and had a very different schedule back where they were from. The 2 students I talked to had similar opinions on the schedule and the first day they said things like, “long, awkward, not fun, wasn’t my favorite.” They also said they definitely liked the 6 class schedule more plus it seemed to have a lot better flow and is quiet simpler. I feel that in my own opinion we need to make it easier to welcome new students into this sort of schedule especially for people out of state who have completely different schedules. Now that I’m more warmed up I feel that it has gotten better but I think it would’ve helped to get a little help along the way. I’m excited to see how the freshman end up feeling at the end of the year.