When attending a football game

Let’s be frank the football team gets the most support out of all high school sports, not that that is a bad thing. Though with so many people coming out to the home games here are some things that are good to know about sitting in the student section. 

First, the reason the student section is a thing is so that we can support our team, that is what should be done, try to refrain from booing. Yes, bad calls are made but do not get mad at the visiting team or the home team because mistakes happen. Also, if you aren’t going to cheer sit toward the back. It is incredibly annoying when the spot of someone who wants to get into the game gets taken. Do not expect a seat if you come late to the game. Many students come an hour to an hour and a half early in order to get a good seat. It is infuriating to have a group of people come half an hour late and attempt to push their way into a spot. Try to get into the spirit of the game, dress up, the crazier the better, people are more likely to judge you if you don’t try at all to get into the theme of the game. If there is a game that you do not know the theme wear white, black, or navy, these are the school colors. 

When cheering for the games DO NOT use ANY racial slurs or derogatory word, chants, or actions. When cheering the coaches really do not appreciate when the students only cheer for one person to go into the game. When a player makes a good play however it is more than okay to chant the player’s name in excitement. Though the cheerleaders are not allowed to join in. When a player goes down, no matter from which team always clap when they get up and are taken off the field. 

Make an attempt to learn the cheers and the school alma mater. It gives more unity to our student section and makes it a whole lot louder and exciting when everyone is chanting along with the cheerleaders. The players play better when we cheer louder.

Freshman, do not expect to sit lower than the first rows. As an underclassman, it is an annoyance to the upperclassmen when you attempt to move forward into their spaces. If you do not agree with this, it will be understood when you are an upperclassman. With that said, there is truly no reason for you to hold back, but make sure you know your role.

Finally, clean up after the game, before you go onto the field, it helps our staff and the school community. This year you are highly encouraged to attend as many sporting events as you can not only football, try to get out to soccer, cross country, volleyball, swimming, basketball, wrestling, track, lacrosse, tennis, and another sport that is played. Along with theatre, orchestra, choir and band concerts. The more support you show for your school, the more support your school with show to you.

GM Artman