The parking plague continues

Will the administration ever address this problem?

Only one exit just isn't enough for this giant high school filled with new drivers.

Only one exit just isn’t enough for this giant high school filled with new drivers.

Wilsonville High school has its flaws. One of the biggest, most complained about problem, is the parking situation. Parking can be a NIGHTMARE, just depending on the person and their life outside of school. There are limited exits and student that have parking spots or don’t, tend to be mostly reckless and tend to cause occasional accidents and extra trouble exiting the school. There’s only one exit for the front of the highschool, and one from the back of the highschool. Both get very crowded at the beginning and ending of the day, maybe due to many kids not going out to lunch all the time, lunch time isn’t terrible with crowding; however, everyone needs to come and go to school. I asked Bret Turner (junior), “Does it take you a while to exit the school at the end of the day?”. Bret replies with: “Yes, not so much difficult but definitely time consuming”. I personally have work at 4pm most days of the week and i find myself speeding just to be able to show up on time, not including the time it takes for me to get dressed for work in my uniform. I have friends that drive and even teachers that also have trouble exiting the school as well. Bret had a fantastic idea on creating another exit from the front parking lot, allowing the people who park near the point or tennis courts to exit easier and with a little less traffic. Extending the parking lot or making it bigger will only cause more traffic with just that one exit, so another exit as well as more parking spaces would be ideal and it’s not super expensive. A lot of my classmates agree in journalism and a few people in my class including Halle Olsen and Emilia Bishop who almost got hit by cars in the parking lot which is a HUGE problem and can cause a lot of issues with the families, the school, and these kids who have their lives at risk and they should never come to school thinking they might die today.