Spirit week

Freshman: Callie Palmer and Karen Robertson, twinning on Tuesday

Freshman: Callie Palmer and Karen Robertson, twinning on Tuesday

In preparation for the homecoming game and dance, students have been dressing up to show school spirit.

Dressing up definitely helps to get someone into the school spirit; it’s truly a great way to build a community and get involved in the school, and by dressing up there is a candy reward. If ever the theme of the day is unknown there are papers and posters hung around the school to help let the school population know what is going on.  This past week students participated by getting into the themes as much as possible.

Messy Monday kicked off the week in flooded the students with giant sweatshirts, baggy pants, and bed head, for some it was lounging around in undies and other pajamas, but for all who joined in It was a great way to come back to school after the weekends the students did, whether they never went home and were busy or lounged around, cramming on homework to prepare for the weekend.

Twinning was for sure winning on Tuesday students and teachers matched up their clothes, it was difficult to tell some pairs a part. With the help of friends, duos got to wear something less like themselves to match with each other. 

 One Color Wednesday won the day, many represented in their monochrome outfits. Some students chose black, white, gray, pink, and many other colors to get in the spirit. Some even goes down to the shoes and accessories they wore. 

Thursday was Red, White, and Blue day, America was heavily represented by the students in their wearing of the three colors. 

Finally, Friday was all about the Wildcat Wear, students wore the clothes they have collected over the years during their time at the school. Now the school prepared to represent at the parade and game, they supported the school well.