Helpful tricks for studying

Helpful tricks for studying

School has started, classes have settled in, and the students are adjusting to the course load. Whether a student has an easy or hard course load, one thing remains constant, and that is studying. Good study habits can help with taking tests and if done right, it will help your understand the subject better. There are many ways to help study and I’m here to show you a few helpful tricks. 

Believe it or not, Studies show that gum can jog your memory. Chewing gum while studying and then chewing the same flavor gum right before an exam can trigger your recollective memory and makes your brain more alert.
Instead of playing your favorite pop playlist or listening to whatever’s on the radio, you might want to consider putting on some classical music. Studies show that classical music, specifically Mozart, helps productivity while studying. The soothing ambient music affects your mood to make you more calm. Classical music can increase dopamine in the brain and having this while you study will make you feel accomplished and capable. 

Studying can be hard when your phone dings or chirps every couple seconds so eliminating distractions is a crucial part of studying. Phones, TV, and video games are just a few of the time-consuming activities that call your name, and in turn, pull you away from studying. Eliminating these can increase productivity and help you take a break from screens. 

When studying, make sure to take breaks often. Short breaks can help productivity and gives your mind a breather. While taking your break, make sure to stay away from distractions or time consuming activities. It may be beneficial to grab a snack or a glass of water while taking a break to make sure you’re not dehydrated or hungry.

Studying is an important part of being a student and good study habits help make studying easier and more efficient. I hope this helps you in school both here in high school, and if you choose, collage. Happy studying!