Homecoming photo from Halle Olsen

Homecoming week has finally here. The week is filled of spirit and joy. Throughout the week we get to rock our school spirit: Messy Monday, Twin Tuesday, One Color Wednesday, Red White and Blue Thursday, and Wildcat Friday. When Friday comes around we get to celebrate with a parade before the homecoming football game. Each class was assigned to 4 different cities in the US. Portland, New York, Hollywood and Las Vegas. This homecoming football game is against Cleveland High School and is going to be one to remember. The homecoming dance is this Saturday starting at 7:00. I asked a couple students at WVHS to see what their plans are before and after the homecoming dance.

Emma Matthies, a sophomore at Wilsonville High School, responded explaining that she is going to her friend’s house before homecoming.  She’s excited to go with her girl and guy friends for the second year in a row. During homecoming she’s going to dance with her friends and have a good time.  After homecoming, she’s going to Sharis to get some food to refuel herself. She is hoping that 2019 homecoming will not disappoint.

Emily Harms, a senior at Wilsonville High, says she is excited to see all of the students at the homecoming dance. She is going to her friend’s house before to celebrate her last homecoming as a Wildcat. “I’m so excited to bring out my dance moves and show it off on the dance floor.” Emily mentioned that she is the life of the party and won’t disappoint her group. After the dance, she is probably going back to her friends house to feast and change into comfy clothes. After that, she will be bonding and doing stuff with her girl pals.

These are just a couple examples of students before and after homecoming Plan. Let’s make 2019 Homecoming one to remember!