Class of 2020 captures coveted Homecoming float victory

The first place Las Vegas float built by the class of 2020.

The class of 2020 has a poor track record when it comes to Homecoming floats.

In 2016, they got fourth place, which isn’t too surprising for a freshman class.

In 2017, they got fourth place again.

Last year, they advanced to third place with their Alice in Wonderland float, but a victory still seemed like a far off dream.

Tonight, though, the senior class managed to pull off the impossible and capture the first place title with their Las Vegas float. This year’s theme (picked by the class of 2020) was U.S. cities, and the seniors chose to emulate the Strip with their float, building three hotels and the famous welcome sign.

The juniors represented Los Angeles and recreated the iconic Hollywood sign on their way to second place. The sophomores came in third with a New York City theme, and the Freshman finished in fourth with their recreation of our own Portland, Oregon.