Homecoming DJ raises the roof – and expectations

This year's DJ made homecoming better than ever before.

photo from Pexels.

photo from Pexels.

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As many of us know, homecoming is one of the biggest dances of the year. Not only is it the first formal dance, but we all get to go with our closest friends and dance the night away. However, what makes the dance amazing is the DJ.

The DJ has to accommodate for everyone’s music taste and give everyone the music they wanted. This year, we were able to get a good DJ who really delievered for the masses.   Jeremy, the DJ, was dancing with the crowd (behind his table) and had a “hype man” next to him who was also dancing. 

Emma Kaleikilo, a senior at Wilsonville, shared her opinion on the DJ for homecoming. “Yes, I liked the DJ a lot. He played the songs I requested songs and he played most of them.” Another senior, Kiley Kaiser, said “the DJ was great, he played my favorite songs and also helped with creating space by saying ‘five steps back’ which made the dance more enjoyable!” 

Many students expressed their admiration for this year’s DJ, Jeremy. It’s hard for a DJ to please everyone,  but Jeremy made this year’s homecoming better than ever..