Yay for fall!

It’s the time to bring out all the cozy, warm sweaters and scarves.


Summer weather has officially ended.  No more sweltering hot days and 9 pm sunsets. Fall has arrived with blustery winds and increasing rain. It’s the time to bring out all the cozy, warm  sweaters and scarves. The leaves are changing to the unique red, orange, and amber colors indicative of autumn. ‘Tis the season for pumpkin everything: pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pastries, pumpkin patches, and carved pumpkins in every doorway. And if pumpkins aren’t your thing, farm fairs, leaf piles, corn mazes, haunted houses, and, of course, college football are back for everyone to enjoy. No one has any reason to be bored during fall.

Students at Wilsonville High School discuss what they love about this season.

Sydney Carskadon, a senior at Wilsonville High school, mentioned that fall is her favorite season. She’s excited to go to pumpkin patches and haunted houses with her friends. She said

“I am going to make a bucket list of everything I want to do, so I don’t miss out on anything.””

— Sydney Carskadon

Considering that there are so many ways to enjoy fall, filling one’s bucket list with fun ideas shouldn’t be difficult. 

Lainnee Robinson, who is also a senior at WVHS, said that she is excited fall has finally started. Her all time favorite thing to do is drive to Lee Farms and indulge in apple cider donuts.  If you haven’t tried the apple cider donuts at Lee Farms, make sure to put this simple pleasure on your bucket list. While you’re there, you can also check out their slide, corn mazes, pumpkin patch, bounce house, gift shop, and best of all — the goats!!

Noah Ochs, who plays on the  WVHS varsity football team also likes apple cider donuts and haunted houses, but he’s also got another fall passion: football! “I’m really looking forward to the rest of our football season especially our home game against Scappoose.” The Cats’ football season started out slow; they lost the first game, but as the weather has cooled, the Cats’ have heated up! We won the last two games and our next one is promising. Maybe we all can celebrate our next win with some apple cider donuts?!

Even though we may have nine months of rain in our forecast, there’s no need to be gloomy. Now is the time to sit back, put your slippered feet up on the couch, wrap up in a cozy blanket, sip some apple cider, and watch a Hallmark movie!