Environmental action club


The clubs possible theme for October

The environmental action club is an amazing club run by Mr. Schauer and many other students like Ainsley Mayes & Gabrielle Guertin.

According to Mayes, their main goal is to educate students at Wilsonville high school about the environment and all of the things affecting our world like climate change and other major matters.

This club was started by Mr. Schauer and 2 seniors a couple years back, but interest has lagged since.   Mayes and Guertin are planning to put good effort into making the club a success this year then continuing it until they graduate. They hope to revitalize the club to hand it down to other students who can continue the club to its fullest potential.

As of now they are planning to do monthly themes to focus on different topics. The month of September was Students Can Make a Change. The month of October they are planning to focus on the Three R’s. Reuse, reduce, and recycle. They will focus on what we can do related to those r’s and how it helps the environment. They also plan to talk about different eating habits and how what you eat can also contribute to the world around you.

If this is something you are interested in and want to be a part of you can visit Mr. Schauer’s room #104 for more information and questions on when they meet.