College meetings


The College and Career center, located in room 92 across from the 2d art studio.

As the school year progresses and college application deadlines near, seniors are pressured more than ever to choose which colleges and universities they want to attend come this time next year.

This kind of pressure can be very stressful for students, and our school is helping seniors make this important decision; they have invited representatives from over 50 different universities to come and talk about their respective schools with small groups of seniors and juniors who are interested in applying to the school. Some of the subjects covered in these meetings include: which majors are available at their school, student life on and around campus, student housing, and admissions. The meetings help to make the experience of applying to schools less stressful. Juniors and seniors can find out when the college that they are interested in is visiting and register for the meeting online through Naviance.

Finlay Dunn, a senior who attended the Gonzaga meeting, said that the meeting was very helpful because he learned a lot of information about the school he wouldn’t have known otherwise. Although he doesn’t want to apply to Gonzaga any more than he already did, Dunn said that he would strongly recommend that if you’re planning on going to college, you should attend the meetings. Especially if it’s a school that you’re on the fence about. These meetings will go a long way in helping you to narrow down the list of schools you’re planning on applying to.