Dating vs. Things

picture from Pexels. 
Couple holding hands.

picture from Pexels. Couple holding hands.

       Let’s take a look back to the good ole days. Dating back then as we all can agree, was way different to how it is now. You had people writing love letters, getting picked up, meeting the parents. But heading into the present, what is dating? In the norms of today, there are two parts of being with someone, you’re either a thing or you are dating. But what is the difference? From the perspective of someone who sees this a lot at school, it is known that things just mean you like each other. Dating is when it is official. 

       Brayden Poling, senior, at Wilsonville, says that “things are the start and formation of a relationship. Dating is more serious.” Many students  will agree that things are just the start. As from my experience, trying to describe this to your parents is very hard, just remember not to get mad at them for not knowing!

        Lainnee Robinson, senior, at Wilsonville, says that “dating is serious, it is more exclusive. On the other hand, a thing is when you like someone and you are just starting to hang out. It is just the start of a possible relationship.” 

        Lainnee Robinson and Brayden Poling have similar ideas. Both agreed that things are just testing the water, you are just starting to get in the relationship. 

        Debunking the difference is  usually difficult, but we all now can understand the difference between having a thing with someone or dating. However, it is also differs  for each person or relationship.