Student opinions on the Trump impeachment inquiry

Student opinions on the Trump impeachment inquiry

President Donald Trump has been under investigation lately regarding accusations made against him. These accusations saying that he is using his power with foreign nationals, specifically the Ukraine, to help his reelection. Another aspect under investigation is the request President Trump made to the Ukraine to investigate former Vice-President Joe Biden’s son. The Democrats have filed an impeachment inquiry based on new information from a whistle-blower in the White house. Since this is bring highly publicized on news and social media, I decided to get students opinions of the pending impeachment.

Some students I talked to didn’t have a strong opinion on whether or not the investigation is valid since he is so close to the end of his presidency. They think that it would be a waste of time and resources when the government could be focusing on more pressing issues. Others think this news isn’t worth following because last time the senate tried to impeach President Trump they were unsuccessful. 

I got to talk to Aly Johnston who thinks that “it is justified to look into”. She gets notifications from multiple new sources such as The Huffington Post, The New York Times, and CNN. Based off of the news she reads, Aly thinks it’s worth looking into even though Trump claims the evidence is false because “if it’s as untruthful as he says it is, looking into it’s not going to do any harm.”. She also makes an excellent point about setting a precedent. She thinks that even though Trump is near the end of his presidency, we should use the resources to look into the accusations because leaving it alone would set a precedent of allowing something illegal or irresponsible to go on just because it’s near the end of the term. 

I also had the honor of talking to Ryan McCord who thought the Impeachment inquiry was unjustified. In his opinion, he shouldn’t be impeached because Trump has done nothing wrong and all the bad things they’re saying about him is all a ploy to make him look bad.  He doesn’t think that there’s enough evidence for the accusations they’ve thrown his way and believes that Trump will get reelected. He does think it’s good for his campaign in running for a second term of Presidency Whether President Trump is impeached or not he will still be eligible to be elected for a second term of presidency. 

I think it’s great that students in the school are up to date on current news and pay attention to politics no matter their political affiliation or opinions. I understand both sides of the argument presented, but alas, the decision isn’t up to us and we should put our trust in our elected representatives.