Fun activities in the Ville


Bullwinkle's in Wilsonville

Need any weekend plans? Wilsonville provides many activities you can do with your family and friends. You can get involved in a mini golf tournament at Bullwinkles, Go to the Wilsonville theatre for a movie night, or even play spike ball in your backyard. Wilsonville gives you so many options, you will never get bored.

Brayden Poling, a senior at Wilsonville High, mentioned that his favorite activity is going to his friend Caleb’s house for a movie night. During their movies nights they either watch horror or comedy movies. “We always end up watching one horror followed by a comedy.” No one wants to go to bed with gruesome images in the forefront of their brains, so ending the night with a comedy makes good sense!

Baker McQueen has several ideas for weekend fun. One of his favorites is golfing, either at Charbonneau or Langdon Farms. “During the weekend I play either with my family or friends. Every so often, Master Guay will play a round with me and I always win.” McQueen also plays Spike Ball when the weather cooperates.

Hanging out with friends, getting food, making a Dutch run are some of Brooklyne Waddell’s favorite things. “I like going to Dutch Bros to get my White Coffee Kicker to get me energized for the day… can’t forget the poppy seed muffin tops!”  She also doesn’t forget to add the gym as part of her weekend activity.

If your classmates haven’t given you enough good ideas for this weekend, you can always check out the new and improved Bullwinkle’s which has added 16,000 square feet and 16 lanes of bowling which is a great indoor activity when the weather turns cold and wet. At Wilsonville Regal Cinemas, you can catch a showing of some new movies like Joker, The Addams Family, Downton Abbey or Abominable.