Cinderella tickets are now on sale


Meghann Yochim

Pictured above is ensemble member Kate Hedgepeth presenting the showtimes for this fall's musical Cinderella.

Fall is in full swing at Wilsonville High School, and the drama department is buckling down to prepare for their fall musical: Cinderella.

However, like most Wilsonville High School musicals, this Cinderella is unlike the classic tale told by Disney. A couple key parts have been tweaked to thicken the plot of the musical, which is perfect for a high school audience.

A key part of this Cinderella story that has been kept intact is the presence of the stepsisters. The two evil girls that come tromping into poor Cinderella’s life are played by two hilarious actresses: Averyl Hartje (Charlotte)  and Mikaela Ochocki (Gabrielle). Portraying Charlotte is enjoyable for Hartje because she gets to be very vain, extravagant, and ditzy. “I feel like she [Charlotte] adds a lot of comedic humor to the musical,” Hartje reflects, “because she is in a lot of scenes—not to be the focus—but to remind you that it is still funny.” Hartje and Ochocki make quite the team when it comes to comedy in the theater department.

Tickets have gone on sale and you shouldn’t be the last to buy them! The show will be running on November 7th, 8th, 9th, 14th, 15th, and 16th at 7pm; so grab a friend, buy those tickets, and enjoy Gabrielle and Charlotte in the fall Cinderella musical!