The release of Mario Kart for iPhone


Meghann Yochim

Pictured above is the new loading screen for Mario Kart Tour on iPhone.

If you are between the ages 10 and 30, you are well-versed in the Nintendo game Mario Kart. Whether you were fighting with your siblings about whose turn it was to whip around Coconut Mall or dashing around Koopa Troopa Beach with your friends, the nostalgia is completely there.

Recently—on September 25th, 2019—Apple partnered with Nintendo to finally release Mario Kart on the App Store for iPhone users to play on the go. This publication was revolutionary for many people, because while many of us have played it on our Wiis and other devices, having it as a mobile game has never been an option until now.

This may be one of the best mobile game creations since Pokémon Go.

After speaking with junior Mikayla Brehm, the status of popularity that Mario Kart Tour holds maintains true. “I was so excited,” Brehm expresses, “because I felt like it would be easier to play on a phone, so I could play it more often.”

Like Brehm, you can now get Mario Kart Tour on the App Store for your iPhone and play it on the go. You can compete with people all across the world on various new courses: getting coins, increasing levels, competing against friends, and getting new drivers and cars!