What is style at WVHS?


Fiona Dunn

Here is Peyton Timm in her infamous striped longsleeve and skater pants.

Style at Wilsonville High School, is in no way uniform. Students may express themselves through their clothing in any way they feel obligated, as the dress code here at Wilsonville High School is more of a suggestion than an iron-clad rule. So clothing and how they present themselves is a large part of how students show who they are.

Sophomore Peyton Timm said to choose her outfits, “I just take all my clothes, and put them on the floor, and match colors.” Her favorite stores to shop at are Zumiez, Vans and Goodwill. Timm’s favorite outfit to wear is loose black pants and a striped longsleeve shirt.

Alexis Haglar, a freshman, says if she were to describe her style in one word, it would be “lazy.” However, when she wakes up early and decides to put in a little effort she enjoys wearing jeans and Brandy Melville type shirts.

On the boys’ side of things, freshman Cooper Hiday describes how he chooses his clothing pieces for the day: “I usually look in my closet and see what colors contrast, and depending on the weather outside, I select my outfit.” While Hiday is pictured wearing normal sweats and a comfortable-looking sweatshirt, he can also be found occasionally in jeans, or wearing a shell necklace. 

A shell necklace is commonly worn by a group of girls titled “VSCO Girls,” but Hiday embraces the wearing of a shell necklace, and he wears his necklace with pride. 

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I usually look in my closet and see what colors contrast, and depending on the weather outside, I select my outfit.”

— Cooper Hiday

The wearing of a shell necklace and baggy sweatshirts might be enough to categorize Hiday within the so-called group of VSCO Girls. “I don’t think they’d judge me,” Hiday claimed. “I think they’d look at me weird first, but then be like a’ight and they’d go with it.” 

Now does this mean Hiday could turn into a full-blown VSCO girl? It definitely is possible, especially in the community at Wilsonville High School. As he said, Hiday would get a few stares at first, but soon the entire community would accept him and his new style.

On a more universal level, students at Wilsonville High school may express themselves through clothes, in any way they would like, and should not dress to be uniform. Clothing in high school is a large part of learning who someone is, and showing who you are through your clothing choices, is an easy way for people to start getting to know you, and how you would like to represent yourself.