Student halloween costumes


Halloween is an awesome time of year, to see everyone’s creativity in their costumes and all the joy and fun that is brought out in the time close to this season. I personally saw so many people participate in wearing costumes this year, mostly out and about but quite a bit at school as well. Many people decided to go for dressing up as characters in movies and tv shows they love. I truly love those ideas because it really shows a person’s personality and what they tend to like. I saw many people dressed as the Joker because of the new movie. I also saw a lot of people dressed as Pennywise because it’s like the iconic Halloween costume to be if you don’t want to think into it to much. A lot of things I saw girls dressing as this Halloween were really simple but cute things, mostly like devils, angels, nerds, zombies, black cats, etc. Just a lot of different simple things but they all looked very into the holiday. I find Halloween to be the most enjoyable and I love seeing all the costumes. Hope everyone had a good holiday Wildcats.