How the MEChA Club is creating a safe community

The MEChA Club, also known as Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Atzlan, works to provide a safe space for the chicano culture within the school. In today’s society it is really important for everyone to feel like they have a safe space and community within the school. That is exactly what this club does. The MEChA Club insures that everyone has a place to go if needed. One of the main ideas in this club is that race doesn’t matter in this club. Most of the people involved with this group are Latino, but some are white so this is a very inclusive club.

 The MEChA Club does various activities during their meetings, and the students involved do things around the school. They do various activities related to important holidays in the Chicano culture. For example, they did a Day of the Dead event on the 30th of October to celebrate the importance of that day to their culture.  

One of the reasons people love the MEChA Club so much is the students love “going to different places and meeting other people in MEChA at their school,” says Etni Ruiz a member of the MEChA Club at Wilsonville High School. “It’s really fun and cool to see so many different people that are white, Latino, Hispanic, black, Asian and many more.”  If you want to help create a safe and welcoming community in Wilsonville High School, go to one of their meetings in Room 215 at lunch on Thursdays.