Thanksgiving break



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Thanksgiving Break is a much-needed break from school and it’s the perfect time to rest our brains while being around family. With just a week left to go, all the students are getting antsy to leave whether they’re going on vacation or looking forward to the time with family. Thanksgiving break to me is a whirlwind of chaos, lots of food, and most importantly, family. On Thanksgiving day, my entire extended family gets together for an early dinner which eventually turns into a long evening of eating and loud games that get a little out-of-hand. No one ever wins in my family due to the fact that we’re all too competitive and stubborn to admit our loss, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thanksgiving is a dedicated time in the year to reflect and be grateful for what we have and each year, I am thankful for my family and their incredible ability to cook.

I spoke with some students and many of them plan on spending break with family in Oregon. Some students are either going out of state to visit family, or going on vacation with their family. Everyone I talked to, whether they stay in state or not, said that their Thanksgiving plans this year were the same they’ve been every year. Many families rely on tradition to bring everyone together to continue making memories. Some fun family traditions students have are cutting the turkey together, running a marathon or some type of race, and hunting. These activities bring families together and they’re something for everyone to look forward to.

Thanksgiving is one of the things that brings family together and if anything, we can be grateful for the week off school. Use the week to have fun and recharge!