College application week


Miranda Platt

Room 92: College and Career Center

This week was College Application Week and there was a huge turn out the day I went. I believe according to my sources they had almost a full college and career center every day. I think that most of the students who went really needed the help and it was super useful to get all the questions answered that everyone had, including me. I think that most students applied to where they wanted to and knew how to do it and be successful in the signing up process. It definitely helped me so far with all my questions. I know that providing pizza/lunch was very helpful to everyone I talked to some students they said they didn’t have to miss out on lunch to be able to invest time into their future and it was super fun to talk about the future with their friends. I very much liked getting the chance to settle down and really focus on asking questions and pushing myself to actually make a difference in my future. I’m sure that’s what other students have to say as well.