Pumpkin carving made simple

Photo courtesy of bing.com

Photo courtesy of bing.com

During the holiday season, many people like to celebrate by carving pumpkins. It’s a great way to gather the family together for some bonding time. Not only can you do it with your family, you can also do it will you friends too. Carving a pumpkin is very simple. Here are some materials you would need: A Pumpkin (choose one that has a flat side), X-Acto Knife, computer and printer (for the designs), painter’s tape, napkins or towels, and a pencil. Here is how you carve a pumpkin step by step…

First, you have to grab your cutting/carving tool. A sharp, sturdy, long-bladed knife and a sharp paring knife are great carving tools for making a simple jack-o’-lantern. For fancier designs and easy pumpkin carving, you may want to invest in a few safer and more exact implements, such as tiny saws. 

Next, you start carving into the pumpkin. Place your pumpkin on a surface you can wash. Draw the proposed cut on the skin with a felt tip marker:  You want the hole big enough to get your fist through.

Next, pull out all the seeds and guts. Scoop out the stringy pulp and seeds with your hands or a long-handled spoon, placing the seeds in a bowl. 

Next, draw your design. A felt tip marker works well for sketching and drawing. Next, it’s time for you to cut out your design. Use a sharp knife to cut along the edges of your marked design. 

Next, you need to condition your jack-o’-lantern. Once you have finished carving your pumpkin, spray or wipe the inside of the cavity, and all the cut surfaces, with an essential-oil-based cleaning spray or with a solution of 1 teaspoon of borax dissolved in a quart of warm water. 

Finally, you can illuminate your jack-o’-lantern. Tea light candles are a good size and easy to keep upright. 

Now that you know all the steps, it’s time for you to grab a friend or family member and start carving a pumpkin!!!!