Student feature: Abby Forsterer


Abby Forsterer, a senior at WVHS, is the youngest in her family. She only has one older sibling, Allie. Her dogs names are Moe and Max and they are both labradors. Abby loves watching tik toks and of course making them. Abby is known for having the most school spirit. Recently, she was picked for most school spirit for class of 2020. She is the kind of person who can talk to anyone and make everyone feel welcomed. People describe Abby as caring and joyful. You can either catch Abby hanging out with her friends or bonding with her family!

Abby loves spending time with her friends. Abby and her friends either go on an adventure or bond at home watching movies. She also mentioned that every night they hangout,  it’s not complete until they do a midnight snack run. They either go to McDonalds, Wendys, or Dutch Bros. Abby’s all time favorite is McDonalds. “The bond I have with my best friends is unreal. We love each other so much and will drop anything when someone’s in need. I’m so thankful that they’ve came into my life. I can’t wait to make more memories with my 5 best friends.” With the special bond she has with all 5 of her friends, she mentioned that when they go their separate ways they will make sure to stay in touch. When they come back from break, it will feel like they haven’t lost connection.

Abby is such a joyful person to be around. She’s thinking about going to COCC and getting a major in nursing. She’s definitely going to be a well liked nurse when she grows up.