Does Frozen 2 deserve the hype?

Back in the medieval age, when iPhones were still single digits and President Obama was still president, a movie was released that took the world by storm. The world of pop culture swooned, and soon shirts, stuffed animals, sing-along soundtracks and look alike Barbie dolls lined shelves of every grocery, and department store you could step foot in. 

This eruption was one of snow, ice and catchy songs–also known as the hit movie Frozen. Six years later, movie theaters filled again for the opening night of Frozen 2, but was the wait worth it?

Katelyn LeBlanc put it simply, “I liked the first one better.” She later explained, “I didn’t really understand the plot of the movie–I was a little confused by the point of it.” Alexis Hagaler, friend of LeBlanc, put it very similarly, “I think it was confusing to understand what was happening, which isn’t what I would expect from a Disney movie.” 

Malak Elmanhawy was extremely straight forward putting, “I don’t like it at all; it was a really boring movie.” Elmanhawy believes that they did not make the movie to make a great movie, but rather to make more money.

From students who were there when Frozen first hit the streets, to young blood–no one knows what quite to make of this new addition to Elsa and Anna’s story. However, one thought was universally spoken: Olaf carried the movie on his back made of snow.