ISEF sponsor change from Intel to Regeneron


Jessica Yurinko

Students receiving awards for their excellence in the Intel ISEF fair.

Wilsonville High School is known for having outstanding students in a plethora of different platforms, whether that be sports, arts, or academics. But another huge category is called the International Science and Engineering Fair—otherwise known as ISEF.

This competition is held yearly, either at Wilsonville High School or West Linn High School, and it gives the students an opportunity to explore their scientific interests while also presenting these projects in a major competitive setting.

Previously, for the last 17 years, Intel has been the main supporter of ISEF through their collaboration with Science Talent Search (STS) and Society for Science & the Public. But in 2015, Intel revealed that after the 2019 fair, they will be splitting from STS and will discontinue funding ISEF.

Now, going forward into the 2020 fair and after, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals will be sponsoring the high school competition. Regeneron aims to create life-changing medicine, and they look forward to being able to sponsor the competition that breeds new innovative thinkers in the field of science.