Mikaela’s college auditions


Senior Mikaela Ochocki has had many auditions in her life but nothing compares to her college auditions. Mikaela has been involved in theater and choir at Wilsonville High School since her freshman year and plans on doing it in the future. She was a part of Matilda at the lakewood center. Mikaela has been an STO officer for two years and now leads them. 

She recently auditioned at Oregon Unifieds for multiple schools. Oregon Unifieds is where you go and addition for multiple schools in one place. Some of the schools she auditioned for at Oregon Unifieds are University of Wyoming, University of Montana, Central Washington and Estern Washington. She also has auditions on campuses at the University of Arizona, and hopefully at Indiana University once she hears back from her prescreen. She has a scholarship audition at University of Wyoming as well. 

Her biggest tip for people planning on auditioning is to pick your set as early as you can. Your set would include solos and monologues. Mikaela said “At auditions wearing something that’s like super confident and that makes you feel super confident and brings you a lot of joy really helped put me in the right mindset to audition.” Mikaela plans to get her BFA in musical theater and a teaching degree. She wants to teach theater as well as perform with a company. We wish you the best of luck at your remaining auditions!