School bathroom vandalism


There has been a significant amount of kids, specifically underclassmen, vandalizing the boy’s bathroom stalls with gang affiliated marks using sharpies.

Most upperclassmen are angry due to the amount of disrespect this portrays towards the extremely hard-working and kind janitors at our school. These janitors have to continuously wipe the walls every week at least to keep profanity, genitalia, and gang signs off these walls, and frankly it’s getting annoying to the point where upperclassmen are getting into physical altercations with these underclassmen if caught while writing these things on the walls. It’s extremely disrespectful and shouldn’t be ignored. The janitors have propped most boy’s bathroom doors open during the day so administrators who aren’t men can look and possibly catch some kids, and it really still hasn’t stopped.

Whenever I see vandalism, I take the time to try and wipe it off myself and they keep coming back a rewriting them and it’s getting annoying and childish and I can assure you the janitors aren’t happy. It causes the administration to constantly keep watch on these bathrooms, when I’m sure they have better things and duties to attend to and is quite unacceptable in my opinion and many others’ opinions as well.

It’s also not just writing, kids are also ripping soap dispensers off the walls, along with breaking sink heads and lighting garbage cans on fire. Everyone should be on the lookout for any vandalism and to report whoever is doing this, as I am sure sinks and other equipment is expensive and it’s being paid for so we can have nice bathrooms and be able to wash our hands after using the restroom. With help from others, we can catch these kids and turn them in and just keep our bathrooms clean and tidy for the rest of us!