New semester


Second semester begins at Wilsonville high :)

January 28th marks the first day of 2nd semester but is everyone ready to end the 1st? I went around and asked students how they felt about it being 2nd semester already and if they were satisfied with how their 1st semester grades came out. I talked to a bunch of sophomores and a couple juniors and seniors. Most all of the sophomores I talked to said that their 1st semester was summed up super well and that they are ready and excited for what 2nd semester has to offer. The juniors that I talked to had other thoughts. 50% of them were happy with their endings in 1st semester and the other 50% were not. Also a lot of them said that junior year so far was really quite hard, a lot harder than most of them expected. The seniors I talked to were actually very excited to be done with a whole half of their last year. Most are very excited for the last half of the year. A couple said they had a lot of anxiety over the end of the year and what would come after but said they are still excited nonetheless. Also over all the people I talked to about 70% of students liked their new 2nd semester classes and about 30% didnt and ended up trying to switch to something different. In conclusion most students think this year has so far been a great one and are excited to see what the end will bring. From all of us at WBN we wish you a good rest of the year.