Is AP forecasting too early?


Forecasting Logo. Photo by Nick Youngson.

AP forecasting is coming up here in a week and I’ve always wondered “why are we doing this so early?” For myself, I know that I change my mind over what classes I want to take the next year constantly, so forecasting as early as February is hard for me to do.

I talked with two students to see their views on how early AP forecasting is done. A junior, Jadyn Sherry, who has taken an AP class every year of high school says “AP forecasting is early, however it reduces the chance of being pressured into more classes by your friends and teachers.” She also says she considers all of her options for classes prior to when she applies but really makes her final decision of what classes to take while filling out the applications.

Another student I talked to was junior Jackson Rapp. He also has taken AP classes all three years of high school. When I asked what his thoughts on forecasting in February was, he responded “We’re doing it in February? That’s kinda early.” He has a point. The fact that a student who has taken AP classes every year of high school didn’t realize forecasting was happening next week shows there is some sort of flaw.

It is normal for us all to sign up for one class then later decide that class really isn’t the best decision for you to take. But when you go in and ask to change your classes, you’re typically told no. When I am forecasting six months before I’m taking these classes, it is natural for my mind to change, and not having the option to change those classes just makes everything a hassle for both the students and the administration. Therefore, AP forecasting, and forecasting in general, should be pushed back so the students and administration won’t have to go through these problems every year.