Regionals 2020


Photo by Jason Katz

Wilsonville thespians assemble at the end of a long day at regionals. The next step is the state competition in April.

This year Wilsonville high school theater department took home gold and blue at regionals!

At regionals each group gets judged multiple times. They get judged on Transitions, Characterization, Singing Technique, Singing Expression, Movement and Dance, and Execution. At the end of the day all the scores are added up and they announce the winners. The top 20% in each category are regional finalists and the top 10% are state qualifiers.

For solo acting Lizzie Hall was a regional finalist, and Casey Young and Katie Walter were state qualifiers.

For group acting the scene “Squirrel Girl Goes to College” was a regional finalist.

For duo comedic novice, Lily Saunders and Lauren Bresnahan were regional finalists and Wyett Butler and Blake Sandall were state qualifiers.

For duo comedic experienced Mikaela Ochocki and Averyl Hartji are state qualifiers.

For duo dramatic experienced Natalie Young and Samantha Katz are regional finalists.

For duo musical Kameron Koslowski and Chance Kirk were regional finalis with the song “We Can Do It”. Mikaela Ochocki and Kate Jeffries were regional finalists with the song “Secondary Characters.” Averyl Hartje and Siona Olson were state qualifiers with “The Actuary Song.”

For small group musicals the song “I’ve Decided to Marry You” was a state qualifier and last, the large group Facade was a state qualifier.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in regionals, and good luck at state.